Our Basic service package for the supervision of houses,villas and holiday homes consists of :

  1. visual inspection of the whole estate –inside and outside
  2. ventilation of the house (45 minutes to an hour)
  3. overview of the installation,electricity,water and gas meter readings
  4. collecting bills and mail
  5. paying  bills and sending them to your address
  6. keeping your house keys
  7. submission of monthly reports to the owner of the house via e-mail (photographs included)



Along with the basic services we also  offer  special services of high quality such as: entire house cleaning,maintenance of gardens and pools and many other services.
For more information contact us.

Payments are made in advance and there are three possible ways of payment:    

1. once a year
2. twice a year
3.every three months


Contract is signed for a  minimum of 6 months.

In case of unpredictable situations (flood,storm,ect.) our  first arrival is free and every other will be charged 60 euros.
The price does not include VAT (value added tax).

If within eight days after the deadline for the payment the customer does not fulfil his/her  obligation our services defined   in the treaty will  be stopped automatically .

Before taking over control of your house  it is necessary to review real estate and to sign a contract with the owner of real estate.

These are just some of possible services that we emphasize on this page.



Mob: ++385 99 766 0045
++385 91 793 3921
Fax: ++385 20 500 071

Ante Starčevića 6
Metković, Croatia