Having a house on the coast for your holidays is a nice thing. However, the summer passes by rapidly and sooner or later you have to return home  leaving your suites behind. Maintenance  of properties during the winter months requires considerable   investment, and if you are not able to maintain it a variety of problems may occur such as failure of the infrastructure after the storm, invasion of various insects, maggot and mould breeding due to lack of fresh air. We have worked out special services for you which will relieve you these concerns and ensure you a relaxed arrival to the sea next season.

In order to help you in these demanding and often exhausting jobs we offer you a wide range of services for the individual  maintenance of your real estate.

What is the individual keeping up of property ?
It is a set of services that help families in the regular maintenance of  property - care of your property.

With our Basic service package for the supervision of houses,villas and holiday homes you ensure that your house is regularly visited and checked for possible damage.  

If you wisely combine our sevices you can choose the service that is best for you!

By regular maintaining not only will you retain the value of your real estate, but also increase its value too.




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